Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ramon for JKPP

Posting a portrait that I did some time ago for Julia Kay Portrait Party but forgot to post.

Ramón for JKPP
20 x 28 cm
Pencil on paper

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year & Apologies

Wishing you all a 

What a year! 

I created this blog at the beginning of last year 2012 when I joined the Every Day Matters group on Yahoo and needed a place to post my sketches. Shortly after I got accepted by the Julia Kay Portrait Party on Flickr! Again, this blog was the ideal place to post the portraits. Both groups were an incredible encouragement to draw and paint on a regular basis. In summer I finally got into the habit of sketching in sketchbooks, strange as it may seem, since I have been painting watercolors for more than 10 years. Again, this blog was the perfect place to show off my results; among other things the "30 days of creativity" challenge in June. All in all, the first half year was an incredible artistic boost. 

The second half was very different. After an exhausting search for a place to live, finally moving and settling in, I went on a prolonged sick leave. Many months without any energy to draw or paint followed. I apologize especially to my faithful followers for not posting anything for nearly six months. I am slowly getting back on track with painting more often, even though I am still on sick leave and my energy is very limited.  

Just to let you know: 
1) I will continue to post JKPP portraits here, but you won't see many sketches. I realized that posting my sketches is counterproductive for me - when I plan to post them somewhere, they are no longer simple sketches, but I need to do more sketching and collecting ideas.  

2) There are two parallel blogs to this one: 
This blog here was originally named Faith Dance Art but then renamed Faith Dance Sketch. In order to separate sketches from finished art, I created a second blog named Faith Dance Art, and a third one is called Faith Dance Photography. For the moment there is not yet much happening on the latter. 

However, there is a lot going on at the second blog Faith Dance Art, because I am presently participating in another challenge: the "30 painting in 30 days" which is organized by Leslie Satea. It might be too much for my present levels of energy, but I want to give it a try anyway. 

So, please feel free to head over there and follow the other, presently more active blog. 

May it be the best artistic year ever for all of us! 
Wishing you a successful 2013!