Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day7a of 30DOC - Rainbow

The highlight of this day was (among other things) a nice meal with friends near Valence and a beautiful rainbow - somewhere between Marseille and Paris.

And this ends my "30 Days of Creativity". I hope to continue sketching every day but for the next week this is not feasible, considering my other tasks. 

Day6a of 30DOC - Packing

The theme of the day was packing, because the time had come to leave beautiful La Ciotat, in Provence, France. I just learned that in English the 'Côte d'Azur' is called French Riviera.

Day5a of 30DOC - Library

This 'summary of the day' sketch pictures my bookshelf because I was updating my book inventory.

Day4a of 30DOC - Tuareg

This highlight of the day pictures a late evening to the 'marché nocturne' (night market) of La Ciotat.
It runs from 8pm to 2am. 
One of the stalls was from a Tuareg from Niger and I bought a beautiful letter opener.

Day3a of 30DOC - Lavender Fields

Here we continue with my catch-up days for 30 DoC with another 'summary of the day' sketch - a visit to the lavender fields in Luberon, Southern France. Beautiful! 

Day2a of 30DOC - Household Inventory

As I mentioned in my previous posts, I am continuing with the "30 Days of Creativity" challenge because I started late. The days are numbered with an 'a'. 

This was the first day of a new approach - at the end of the day do a little sketch that represents this day, like a diary entry. It was a very busy day and there was no time for anything else. The sketch tells you why:

I had to do a household inventory for selling most of my stuff.
In case you are wondering - I don't own a real giraffe but this is a very beautiful metal sculpture. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day1a of 30DOC - Another portrait

As I mentioned in my last post, I will continue with my "30 Days of Creativity" because I started late. (That's why I am numbering the days with an 'a'.)

So here is another portrait for JKPP:

Here is our JKPP discussion and here are Tomás' photos.
The portrait was done with Pitt ink and Pentel color brushes. 

Day30 of 30DOC - Portrait for JKPP

After a long break, I decided to do some portraits for Julia Kay Portrait Party again:

This is Barb and here is her art work. The portrait is done with Pitt ink and watercolor. 


This is the last official day of "30 Days of Creativity in June" but since I started late, I will continue. 

Day29 of 30DOC - Big Calanque de Mugel

Here is another public sketch after I had a nice swim in the ocean:

This is a different Calanque than last time - called the Big Mugel, the other one was the Small Mugel.
I don't know if you can see the layering of the rocks - it is quite fascinating. 
The island is called the Green Island and it has some ruins on top of it.