Sunday, February 26, 2012

Julia Kay's Portrait Party

I am so excited - I got accepted to Julia Kay's Portrait Party on Flickr.
So, today I took time to read the instructions and draw my first contributions. Here they are:

Kathy in pencil and marker:

 Drew Ferrie in pencil and coal:

 Jutta Richter in pencil and watercolor pencil:

Each was first done in pencil, and then I tried something new with it. Nevertheless, in all three cases, I like the pencil drawing best. 
What do you think?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

EDM232 - Draw the last thing you bought

Since yesterday I am the proud owner of a bike. I had planned to buy it sometime around Christmas, but the guy who imports used bikes from the US did not have anything at the moment. I kept phoning and asking when the next container would arrive, but either nothing arrived or only children's bikes. This week he said he had some but his explanation on the phone was not very clear. So, I decided to go and look for myself, together with two colleagues. Well, there was not much to look at. A very sad racing bike for men was all he had. Since we were already on the go, we kept going to all other places that we had ever heard of.

It was then at the fifth stop that we found a lot of used bikes of varying quality. After trying countless others, I decided to buy this Dutch Sparta bike which is in fairly good condition. One of the main problems was that I am tall and most bike seats could not be raised high enough for my taste. We will see if the not very large tires will be able to cope with the local dirt roads.

The drawing was first done in pencil, and then in ink with a little bit of watercolor.

EDM327 - with darker hair

As Cathy pointed out - it could be Superman if he had darker hair. Well, she was right. It was supposed to be Superman, so here is the revised version of the portrait,   for the EDM challenge 327 'draw something super' with darker hair. 
If you have not seen the film (neither did I) or are not good with names (neither am I), his name is Brandon Routh. Please google him, and let me know if you think this resembles him. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

EDM327 - Draw something super

Draw something super? I decided to do something in line with my goal of getting better with portraits. So the big question is, can you guess who this is supposed to be? ;-) Any suggestions on how to make it better, more like him?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

EDM325 - Draw something green

So, here goes my first post for an EDM weekly challenge. 

You might be surprised but my garden is very green. We don't have snow here.

It was not always this way, especially this part was basically a sand pit used as a parking place for the motorbikes of the workers, when I started renting this house. 
And when I came back after a longer absence, it was like a forest - the grass in the middle was nearly as high as the little bushes around it. 
Now it is just right and I enjoy it tremendously when sitting on the veranda. 

Here are some of the plants and trees growing in my garden and I am wondering who will be able to identify them all. It is probably hard without seeing the color. Second from left in the bottom row is more red-brown than green. 

4th day and more experiments

Our first drawing on the last day was a full figure. Maybe it is not obvious but she has her feet on some sort of counter. I used ink for it. 

Then came another portrait. I meant to use some other material but ran out of time. 
 For the last position of the model, I ended up with two drawings, because the technique that the teacher told me to use did not quite work out for me. The following drawing was done with the long edge of a pastel stick. I found it hard to measure correctly with it.

So, I reverted to the technique of the 3rd day in the remaining time.

3rd day 3rd technique

Let's continue with the uploads from last year's drawing course. Here are the pictures from the 3rd course day.

In the beginning, we always did a warm-up time where we had to draw quickly often without looking at the paper. Either portrait, or full figure, and often a motion study. Most of the time it was not much to look at, but this portrait turned out rather nicely - done in 1 min without looking at the paper!  

After the warm-up we usually had 30-40 min for the next task. In this case it included a new technique for me - use colored paper as part of the 'coloring' in connection with coal, sepia, red and and white chalk.  

 The drawing itself is not too bad, but I had problems using the paper and the red chalk in the right places. I often got them confused and used sepia where I should have used the paper color. 

The last one turned out quite well and I was very encouraged by my progress.

Friday, February 3, 2012

2nd day 2nd model

She was our model on the second day.

And here I tried a new technique.

It was done by first 'coloring' the paper with coal and then taking part of it off during the drawing process. 

1st day 1st success

Last summer I did a community college course for portrait and figure drawing. 

I had drawn people at different occasion but often the drawings had not enough resemblance with the real person. So, it was a huge success for me when the teacher remarked, that this really looks like our model. It was very encouraging and I learned a lot even though the course was only four days (evenings). 

Thursday, February 2, 2012


This is a fairly recent one that I did from a photo. I learned a lot through it because at first the eyes did not smile and did not look at me. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly what needs to be changed.

New Beginnings

This is a new adventure - a place to post less than perfect drawings and sketches.
This could be me - I love to dance and especially worship dance!